We are your District at Work!

Make a Lasting Impact

We will help your neighborhood or business improvement district enhance the experience of your public realm and your neighborhood and city as a whole.

Let us be your trusted partner in your organization’s creative place-making and community improvement efforts. 

Whatever your vision, We will help you execute it!

Working closely with the leadership of your organization, we can help transform an empty area – often a street or a sidewalk – into an experience. By engaging with District Works, you are creating an extension of your team and expanding the capacity of your organization to maximize its positive impact in your community. 

The project can take a day, sometimes it can take a month, but the impact will last for years. 



Public Plazas

Bike Parking

Enhance Your Public Realm

We provide a wide variety of essential and supplemental services to maintain the initial investment in your community improvement and street beautification efforts. Our team quickly responds to service requests in the Greater Bay Area when minor repairs or improvements to your infrastructure fall outside of the scope of your Clean & Safe team.

Let us take care of…

Planters, hanging plant baskets, and seasonal watering.

Banners, holiday decor, and temporary place-making activations.

BigBelly* smart waste management bins.

*Authorized BigBelly Service Provider


We work hand-in-hand with your program staff to establish clear goals, a realistic budget, and source materials to support your public realm improvement projects.

We are not here to replace existing staff or vendors but to ensure your projects effectively meet your organizational goals. 

  • Clean & Safe ambassador program development and consultation
  • Public space design & activation consultation
  • Project management/consultation for Major Encroachment projects

About Us

Our team has over a decade of experience managing multiple business improvement and community benefit districts. We’ve learned over the years that even a small improvement can begin a change in your own community.


Steve Snider

Steve Snider, CEO

Steve directs the vision of the company through strategic planning and the development of our branding, marketing, and community-building initiatives. He serves as President of the California Downtown Association board and committee chair for the Race and Equity task force. Steve previously served as the Executive Director for the Uptown Downtown Oakland Community Benefit Districts for the past 10 years.

Andrew Jones, General Manager

Andrew hires, trains, and oversees all field operations for the company. With a special interest in the activation of vacant lots and public spaces that have become blighted or forgotten about over time, he focuses on bringing new life to these important assets. Andrew has served as Program Director for the Uptown Downtown Oakland Community Benefit Districts for the past 10 years.

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