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Coordinated Outreach

District Works is deeply committed to compassionate and effective outreach for unsheltered populations in the downtown areas we serve. We recognize the complex challenges faced by unhoused individuals and are devoted to providing services that respect their dignity while addressing immediate and long-term needs.


Our outreach services include:

Rapid Response Teams

Deploying skilled teams that can quickly assess the needs of individuals in crisis and connect them with the appropriate resources, including shelter, medical care, and social services.

Point-in-Time Counts

Conducting detailed census efforts to gather data on the number, demographics, and conditions of the unhoused population in specific areas, enabling more targeted and effective service provision.

Advocacy for Stakeholders

Acting as vocal and persistent advocates for our stakeholders, effectively communicating their needs to local governments and service providers, and seeking solutions that address those needs.

Service Provider Liaison

Serving as a critical link between unsheltered individuals and service providers, facilitating communication and helping to ensure that people receive the help and support they need.

Service Provider Surveys

Conducting comprehensive surveys of service providers for the mentally ill and unhoused, and sharing this valuable information with our clients so they can understand what resources are available and how best to utilize them.

Resource Coordination

Actively working to identify and mobilize resources for unsheltered populations, drawing from a variety of sources including government agencies, nonprofits, and private donors.

Crisis Intervention and De-escalation

Employing staff trained in crisis intervention techniques to engage with individuals experiencing mental health crises, substance use issues, or other emergencies, helping ensure the safety of both those in crisis and the larger community.

Community Education and Engagement

Educating local businesses, residents, and other stakeholders about the challenges faced by unhoused individuals, and mobilizing community support for constructive solutions.

Monitoring and Follow-Up

Tracking the progress of individuals we have assisted, and maintaining relationships with them and with service providers to ensure that support is ongoing and effective.

Policy Advocacy

Engaging with policymakers to advocate for more effective, humane, and sustainable approaches to addressing homelessness in our communities.

We are dedicated to fostering a compassionate, effective, and community-focused approach towards unsheltered populations. We believe in not only addressing the immediate needs of these individuals but also advocating for systemic changes that will provide them with the opportunity for stable and dignified lives.