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Consulting Services

Districts Works will partner closely with your team, aligning our expertise with your vision to enhance the public realm around your properties. We are committed to understanding your unique needs and crafting solutions that are both impactful and sustainable. Our services extend beyond mere consultation; we become an integral part of your strategy for success, ensuring that all programs are effectively designed, efficiently operated, and expertly executed.


We specialize in:

Organizational Evaluations

  • Assessing the structure and efficiency of your organization
  • Identifying areas for improvement and potential growth
  • Offering actionable recommendations for strategic direction and alignment
  • Conducting staff and stakeholder interviews to inform our analysis

Clean and Safe Program Evaluations

  • Reviewing and analyzing current hospitality and maintenance operations
  • Conducting field assessments and providing data-driven insights
  • Recommending best practices tailored to your specific environment
  • Crafting strategies for improvement, including training programs for staff

PUblic Space Improvements

  • Collaboratively developing a vision for your public spaces
  • Crafting detailed, realistic budgets and sourcing high-quality materials
  • Designing placemaking strategies that engage communities and elevate spaces
  • Project management, from initial concept to successful implementation

Board Representation and Advocacy

With our experience we are able to go beyond traditional consulting services to act as your dedicated advocate. Understanding the pivotal role that Community Benefit Districts (CBDs) play in urban development, we are prepared to serve as active board members on your behalf.

Our commitment as your board representative is to:

Voicing Your Interests

We will be your ears and voice, ensuring that your organization’s unique needs and priorities are continually brought to the forefront of board discussions and decisions.

Maximizing Investment Value

We work tirelessly to ensure that you are receiving the highest possible return on your investment in the CBD. Our seasoned experts navigate the complexities of CBD engagements to ensure resources are used effectively and in alignment with your goals.

Navigating Complexities

With our extensive experience, we deftly navigate the regulatory, political, and interpersonal dynamics of CBDs, always with your best interests in mind.

Strategic Networking

As board members, we leverage our wide network of relationships for your benefit, connecting you with key stakeholders, potential partners, and valuable resources.

Transparent Reporting

We believe in clear and consistent communication. As your representatives on the board, we will provide regular updates on board activities and decisions, as well as how they align with and impact your interests.

Our participation on CBD boards is more than a seat at the table – it is a committed, influential, and proactive representation of your interests, ensuring that your organization’s involvement in the CBD is strategic, effective, and highly beneficial.