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Place Managers Programs

Our Place Managers (PM) are more than just Ambassadors; they are the welcoming face of the communities they serve, providing comprehensive hospitality services to create vibrant, safe, and inclusive urban spaces.

Place Managers
Place Managers
Place Managers

These are the key services that our Place Managers provide:

Visible Presence for Enhanced Hospitality

Our team maintains a clear and visible presence within the district, enhancing the perception of the area as a safe and welcoming environment.

Assistance and Information Services

We offer a helping hand and a wealth of knowledge to businesses and employees within the district, whether it’s providing directions, distributing informational flyers, or answering questions about the district and its activities.

Proactive Engagement

We work diligently towards a measurable increases in communication within your district by:

  • Engaging proactively with merchants, residents, visitors, and employees, recognizing that listening to people and getting to know your community are vital steps towards creating lasting change and community transformation.
  • Implementing a powerful method of community building that balances the discovery of new ideas and learnings, refreshes old approaches, and mitigates anti-social behaviors and public realm design flaws that negatively impact the districts and neighborhoods we serve.

Practicing Radical Hospitality

  • We go above and beyond the roles of traditional “hospitality programs” implementing the practice of “radical hospitality” that extends to everyone in the public realm. We use our extensive resources and training to assist those in need, especially those in crisis.
  • In the face of the ongoing social crises of mental illness and those experiencing homelessness, our approach is thoughtful, compassionate, and intentional. Our extensive knowledge of temporary housing options, food banks, “call home” programs, and drug rehabilitation resources proves invaluable in helping to address the complex needs of all community members.

Community Collaboration

Our Place Managers actively participate in community meetings with social service providers from both public and private sectors, promoting open dialogue and collaboration on issues of mutual concern for business owners and residents in the district.

By offering these services, our Place Managers exemplify the principle of radical hospitality, creating environments where all individuals — residents, business owners, visitors, and the vulnerable — feel seen, respected, and cared for.

“Our well-being comes from being other-oriented, from extending compassion to others and ourselves.”

Laurie Santos