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Activations and Production Support

Events and public space activations are a critical piece to the long-term plans for any improvement district.

Arts-based activations and curated events provide visitors and residents an opportunity to experience your district and your city in new and refreshing ways. Simple projects can jump-start a cycle of economic development for your local businesses and ignite new and meaningful traditions within your community. Cities, commercial districts, and neighborhoods all benefit from quality programming, and is the most common avenue for visitors, employees and residents to experience your creative economy. To that end, District Works can support your organization through:



Allow our team to help you through the process of developing relationships with your local arts community. We will facilitate these important conversations, and position your organization for success as we give space to artists and creatives that deserve to be seen, heard and felt in your public spaces.  

  • Artistic direction 
  • Curation
  • Execution

Production Support

Let our management team do the heavy lifting and behind-the-scenes work for an unforgettable experience! 

  • With a range of service options, our team can handle site plans and layouts, coordinate event permits and street closures, book talent, and manage your production top to bottom.
  • Our team has 15 years of experience producing and coordinating community gatherings in public spaces with a focus on safe, family-friendly, and community-oriented events. Our goal is to support your vision and share your story with the community. 
Sway Fest