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Public Space Activation

Events and public space activations are a critical piece to the long-term plans for any improvement district.

District Works stands apart in our capacity to vitalize public spaces with unique, culturally relevant, and impactful art programs and events. Our focus is not just on cleanliness and safety, but also on the lively heartbeat of urban spaces and the artistic and cultural expressions of urban communities. Our services are designed to foster community engagement, boost foot traffic, and generate positive economic impact for local shops, restaurants, bars, retailers, and hotels.

Sway Fest

Our offerings include:

Busker Programs

Curating and managing engaging street performer programs that add a dynamic cultural element to public spaces, draw visitors, and enliven the streetscape.

Mural Projects

Facilitating large-scale public art projects that beautify urban areas, deter graffiti, and create a sense of place and identity.

Culturally Relevant Programming

Crafting events and installations that honor and reflect the diverse cultures of the community, fostering a sense of belonging and engagement among residents and visitors alike.

Installation of Statues and Physical Art

Collaborating with artists to install sculptures and other physical art in public spaces, enhancing aesthetic appeal and creating new points of interest.

Festivals and Community Events

Planning and executing diverse festivals that celebrate local culture, attract visitors, and drive business to local retailers and eateries.

Public-Private Partnerships

Collaborating with local government and private entities to leverage resources, gain support for initiatives, and ensure that activations are in line with broader community goals.

Activation of Vacant Storefronts

Transforming empty commercial spaces into vibrant pop-up shops, art galleries, or community event spaces, reducing visual blight and stimulating economic activity.

Economic Impact Facilitation

Strategically designing all activations to maximize foot traffic and patronage of local businesses, thus directly contributing to the economic vibrancy of the area.

Adaptive and Responsive Planning

Continuously assessing the needs and feedback of the community to adapt and refine our programming, ensuring that it remains impactful, relevant, and beloved by locals and visitors alike.

Special Events Staffing

Given our extensive experience in the special events realm, we are skilled, capable, and ready to provide the required staffing and services to accommodate any of your special event requirements. 

Our team is committed to going above and beyond for our clients as we strive to create engaging, vibrant, and economically thriving urban environments. Through our innovative and community-focused approach, we aim to honor the history of the public spaces we serve and help them become welcoming and lively hubs of culture and activity.

“Places move into people just as much as people move into places.”

Nicola Dinan