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Service Technicians

Service Technicians

Tactical Urbanism

At our core, we are tactical urbanists, understanding firsthand that improvement district staff often require an extra helping hand to complete and maintain special projects. We are agile, resourceful, and passionate about enhancing the urban environment.

Service Technicians
Service Technicians
Service Technicians

Our Service Technicians are skilled professionals who excel in the following areas:

Street Furniture Installation and Removal

Our team specializes in the seamless installation, maintenance, and removal of various street furniture elements. This includes trash cans, recycling bins, park benches, bicycle racks, and more.

Parklet and Flex Street Setup

From design to implementation, our technicians can construct, maintain, and dismantle parklets or flex streets, transforming urban areas into community-friendly spaces.

Temporary Art Initiatives

Our team is experienced in the installation of temporary art initiatives, including murals, sculptures, and displays. We work closely with artists and stakeholders to ensure safe and respectful installations that brighten public spaces.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

We offer comprehensive preventative maintenance services aimed at protecting and preserving the longevity of your capital improvements. From regular inspection to quick repairs, we help ensure your investments are secure and sustainable.

Custom Installation Projects

Need something out of the ordinary? Our technicians are equipped to handle unique and custom installation projects, tailoring their approach to meet the specific needs and visions of your district.

Responsive and Adaptive Services

Urban environments are dynamic, and our technicians are trained to adapt to evolving community needs and priorities. We are responsive, flexible, and committed to achieving excellence in all our projects.

Let District Works help implement effective maintenance programs that protect your capital improvements and extend the life of these vital additions to your public spaces. Our dedicated Service Technicians are here to ensure your urban environment is not just maintained, but continually enhanced to serve your community better.