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Company Overview

District Works (DW) is leading transformative change in the urban place management industry. We are not merely a service provider; we are pioneers. Whether through the manufacturing of innovative ergonomic tools, administering a first-of-its-kind quality management system, or strategically implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, we are driven by genuine passion, not obligation. As a provider of hospitality and maintenance services, we prioritize transparency, program excellence, and the well-being of all individuals we engage through our work.

We Are Your District at Work!

At the heart of District Works is a human-centric philosophy. We firmly believe, echoing the sentiments  of economist Edward Glaeser, that cities are defined by people, not just their buildings. For us, this perspective serves as a call to action. Our practice revolves around the art of radical hospitality, environmental stewardship, and devoted community caretaking.

With a leadership team that boasts over 50 years of combined experience in the urban place management industry, District Works has a track record of profound impact on communities. Our expertise is particularly prominent in the management, oversight, and operation of successful Clean and Safe Ambassador Programs in various urban settings. District Works was established to bridge the gaps left by conventional Clean and Safe vendors.

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Our people

Our People

We are fully aware that the quality of our services — and the essential caretaking we provide — is a direct reflection of the people we employ. Our approach, therefore, encourages and nurtures critical thinking, creativity, healthy communication, and imaginative problem solving among our team members.

We currently contract with BART for a dedicated Restroom and Concourse attendant program. We contract with the City of Oakland to manage their Excess Litter Fee, providing dedicated cleaning services throughout Oakland. We contract with several CBDs and property owners providing Greening and Beautification services including Uptown Downtown Oakland, SOMA West CBD, Rubicon Point Partners, and Ocean Ave Association CBD. We provide project service support to Union Square Alliance and Temescal CBDs typically involving forklifts, scissor lifts, and street closure support. We are also the only authorized service provider for Big Belly solar powered trash containers throughout the entire Bay Area.

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Our Values

District Works DEI Statement

District Works, as an organization, exemplifies the version of community we endeavor to provide through our place making strategies. This devotion drives us to be intentional and thoughtful in cultivating a diverse, equitable and inclusive company where all members, regardless of their background thrive and feel that they belong. Our goal is for our team to embody a celebratory energy that attracts and engages every community member we encounter.

Local Impact

In a tangible sense, how an organization spends its money, where it spends its money, and the vendors it chooses to give its money to, says a lot about the values of the organization. District Works is homegrown and Town-bred right down to the bones of everything we do. Ownership and management live in Oakland and throughout the Bay Area. On any given day, ownership, management, and staff all converge at our headquarters in the heart of downtown Oakland. We are your local partners, who live, walk, and work in the streets of the Bay Area on a daily basis. Because our lives and roots are in Oakland and the Bay Area, we are constantly thinking about our community, the people who live here, and how we can improve the quality of life in the districts. We are a company dedicated to serving our community and we attract people who feel the same.

Oakland Farmers Market

As a company, we put our money where our values are everyday, and have the best team of local suppliers, designers, banks, partners and consultants on board to support this project.

To name a few:
  • Artsy Geek
  • Bonanza
  • Car Care Automotive
  • Cogent Supply
  • Commercial Titan Wraps
  • Community Bank of the Bay
  • Copymat of Oakland
  • Cresco
  • Devil Mountain
  • Loyalty Screen Printing
  • Markus Supply
  • Oakstop

Our Clients