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Greening and Beautification

Keeping It Green

District Works provides greening and beautification services that are typically outside the ability of Ambassador Program service vendors. These services include street median and ground planter maintenance, debris removal, soil amendment, watering, hanging plant program management, and other related groundskeeping and maintenance services.

Groundskeeping & Maintenance

District Works currently provides dedicated groundskeeping teams for median, ground planter and hanging basket support for several programs throughout the Bay Area. In 2022, we were consultants for the Downtown SF and Downtown Berkeley Association. Currently, we have contracts with SOMA West and Rubicon Point Partners for their greening and beautification efforts. Most recently, we supported Uptown/Downtown Oakland CBDs 13th Street Commons ground planter revitalization project.

We have extensive experience in


Renovating and
Maintaining Medians

Ground Planters

Seasonal Swap-outs for
Ground Planters

Hanging Baskets

We have established a turnkey solution for seasonal hanging plant programs