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Environmental Stewardship

Keeping It Green

District Works excels in addressing multifaceted maintenance and environmental issues, ensuring that urban districts are clean, green, and thriving.

Hanging Baskets

Our services include:

Trash Collection & Litter Abatement

  • Swift and organized collection, sorting, and disposal of litter, illegal dumping, and bio-waste
  • Monitoring and emptying of overflowing trash receptacles
  • Comprehensive cleaning of all trash receptacles, including mopping or scrubbing the base to remove unsanitary residues
  • Maintenance of daily collection/cleaning reports to ensure continuous service quality and program evaluation

Graffiti Removal

  • Environmentally-conscious graffiti removal from various urban structures and surfaces
  • Notification to private property owners of any graffiti discovered on their properties

Special Projects

  • Installation of various urban furnishings and systems, ranging from trash receptacles and dog-bag dispensers to pedestrian way-finding systems and holiday decorations
  • Provision of maintenance services requiring specialized equipment and certification

Greening & Beautification

  • Greening and beautification services, inclusive of street median and ground planter maintenance
  • Comprehensive management of hanging plant programs, debris removal, soil amendment, and watering

Groundskeeping & Maintenance

  • Customized groundskeeping plans carried out by specialized teams to ensure continual maintenance that meets the specific needs of the urban environment.

Sidewalk/Pressure Washing

  • Conducting environmentally-compliant pressure washing that abides by local and state regulations
  • Ensuring optimal cleaning results through the usage of high-quality equipment and methods
  • Commitment to environmental preservation through diligent practices including use of sewer inlet barriers and following stormwater disposal regulations
  • Adherence to the highest safety standards to protect both our staff and the urban environment

By prioritizing people, community, and the environment, District Works remains at the forefront of innovative urban place management, transforming urban districts into vibrant, green, and sustainable spaces for all.