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Ambassador Programs

We provide Neighborhood Ambassadors that make public plazas, districts and neighborhoods more comfortable, safe, welcoming, and most importantly, fun for all.

A quality Neighborhood Ambassador is much more than just a janitor or security guard, they are community builders. A skilled Ambassador is at first hired for their personality, and then trained for necessary skills, especially the skills of observation and customer service.

Once trained to the unique roles and expectations of a program, all staff understand the key role hospitality plays in their job as well as the significance of improving even the smallest of details in the public realm. Neighborhood Ambassadors know the importance of their role in representing and uplifting their community.

District Works provides two types of Neighborhood Ambassadors:  


Maintenance Ambassadors

are responsible for everything from sweeping sidewalks, to abating large illegal dump sites, event maintenance and waste hauling, and graffiti removal.

You might see our Maintenance Ambassadors:
  • Working for your city cleaning in your neighborhood or improvement district
  • Playing a key maintenance role at your favorite event
  • Clearing large illegal dumpsites

Hospitality Ambassadors

are community connectors. They greet and engage the public in a variety of ways, providing assistance by connecting the community with appropriate linkages to information and services. Hospitality Ambassadors ensure members of your community feel welcome, cared for, and have the information they need about your neighborhood. 

Hospitality programs can include:
  • Restroom Attendants
  • Dedicated staff for your improvement district
  • Outreach specialist that support your unsheltered population